Hire us as your company contact in Florida. We provide a physical office address.

Additionally, we receive mail, lawsuits, and legal and tax information for your company.

✔ Local Registered Agent

A registered agent is required when you form a corporation or limited liability company (LLC). When filing articles of incorporation for a corporation or articles of organization for an LLC, you include the registered agent's name and address.

Florida requires LLCs and corporations to appoint a registered agent with a physical address in Florida. See sections §605.0113 and §607.0501 of the Florida state statutes for details.

✔ Be Represented

A Florida registered agent must keep regular office hours and be available to receive service of process and other official state documents at a physical address in Florida (called a “registered office”).

As your Florida registered agent, we receive service of process, legal notifications, and other official state mail for your business at our registered office in Florida. We receives and handle the most significant legal documents your Florida business will ever receive. We take this appointment as seriously as you take your business.

✔ Separate Address

Your VirtualofficeBoca address will be the one of public record and listed in most official public documents. This way, you can keep your legal correspondence separate from your general mailing address.

Florida allows individuals to serve as Florida registered agents, which means you can do the job yourself, but that’s a decision that comes with a lot of drawbacks. A registered agent’s information will appear on the public records. Most businesses are more comfortable hiring a commercial company instead.

✔ You Can Depend On Us

The main responsibility of a registered agent, other than fulfilling the legal requirement, is to make sure that you have a dependable liaison between your company and the state. For that, you’re going to want a registered agent service that has a stable, physical address and a history of reliability.

✔ Annual Report Submission

All companies formed in Florida are required to file an annual report to the state department.

We provide you with reminders for state compliance reports. An annual report must be filed each year for your business entity to maintain an "active status" with the Department of State. It is required, whether or not you need to make changes.

✔ Business Registration

Registering a business name in Florida is done when you form your business entity (LLC or corporation) with the state. You must first choose your business structure., Then we will do a business name search to ensure name availability. Afterward, we will form your entity with your business name with the state. Some businesses may also prefer to just register a DBA. We can help with filing your "doing-business-as" name too.

We will take care all of it for you.

✔ Annual Report Filing

Any profit corporation, limited liability company, limited partnership or limited liability limited partnership annual report filing will have until 11:59 PM EST on Sunday May 1, 2022, before a $400 late fee is assessed.