Starting a virtula office, six easy steps.
#1 Register a formal business

Register a Formal Business

Engage the services of a legal and tax advisory. It is important to operate your business under the precincts of the law. In the future, you do not get in trouble with the state. In addition, you are able to navigate safely in case a customer decides to sue you.

You can register your business with the State of Florida's official business entity index and commercial activity website.

#2 Get a business phone number

Get a Business Phone Number

Get a local business number that you can incorporate in all your documents. Put it on your website, emails, social media and business card. It is advisable to get a toll free number where your clients can call you freely.

#3 Inform existign clients

Inform Your Existing Clients of Your Change of Location

Inform your clients that you have changed the physical location of you business. Give them your new address. If your business already exists, make sure you update the address on your website, email, business cards, and your social media accounts.

#4 Use technology

Use Technology

Learn how to use cloud-based tools. these include EverNote or Dropbox where you will store all your important documents and links, google drive that enables you store and share all kinds of information, LoopNet for compliance and brokerage documents and Asana which requires the use of a virtual whiteboard.

#5 launch a website

Launch Your Website

A real estate business without a website is a real estate business missing out on a lot of business. A website connects clients as they search for property online.

#6 automate your business

Automate your business

Get an application that helps you integrate all your applications in one. This means that you are able to access your information in one space. Checkout at Activecampaign, Zapier and others